Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy page for SMM's Blog site, effective date 30/1/2021, page located at

1. Comments policy

Users here on his website may post a comment, but they should provide their name and email address (email address will not be posted to public), IP address of the user is collected automatically to help preventing spams and bot attacks, users could provide extra information like their website, comments shall not get deleted except in severe cases* rather than that, no comments will get deleted.

2. Cookie policy

To provide the best experience and seamless transition between website languages, the website store session and cookie data including user language and user may choose to save name, e-mail address to customize his experience while posting comments and other related cookies/session data including google analytics (see Analytics section), and/or embedded content(see Youtube & embedded links policy), plus Facebook services.

3. GPS and other services

SMM's Blog website doesn't and won't save any GPS data, locations or any other sensitive information, either Facebook or Google services would rarely request that.

4. Analytics services

SMM's blog uses only Google analytics service to collect data about visitors to enhance website internationally, data collected by Google analytics include device (mobile & desktop) country and other data, you can read Google Analytics privacy policy if you wish. Policy

5. Youtube & embedded links policy

You shall know that SMM's blog might embed content, thus the embedded content may collect cookies or collect data, but the only type of websits embedded are only Youtube (To embed post-related video or other videos) and Google sheets (to embed post-related content-based results in a reseacrh)

6. Contact policy

In case you have contacted me, contact information might not be eligible for deletition, and information might get stored

7. Ads policy

Till the effective date of this privacy policy page, I haven't decided putting ads or any monetization to the site.


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